Fresh freshwater bowl


Freshwater bowl

Count some delicious freshwater fish, the third best is eaten, but few people have eaten. You have eaten several kinds. Now many friends like to go fishing and catch fish when they are fine. If they are lucky, they can still Grab some fish and go home to eat. However, the fish we caught in the countryside are generally squid, and few catch freshwater fish. However, today Xiaoyou said that several kinds of fish are freshwater fish. The taste of these kinds of fish is very delicious.Canned tuna production line
This first type of fish is a squid. I think everyone has heard of it and even eaten it. In Xiaoyou's view, the best way to use this fish is to steam it. If you buy this kind of fish at home, you like to steam it. The fish bones of the carp are very big, and the fish tastes very sweet. This kind of fish is best for young children because there are fewer fish bones.
And this fish is a herring, which is also a lot in the market. However, the fish that are bought in the market are all steamed, and Xiaoyou does not like to eat this fish. Because this fish is rather embarrassing, many friends do not eat this fish. However, the nutrients of this fish are good. This kind of fish is quite refreshing when it is eaten with porridge.
Figure 3 This fish must have been eaten by many friends. Some friends may not know what this fish is called? In fact, this kind of fish is called a flower bone fish, which is the most delicious for eating. This kind of fish is also somewhat expensive in the market, and the quantity is very small, so if you want to buy this kind of fish, you have to look at luck.

Finally, this fish is squid, and steamed squid is best eaten. The fish of the squid is very tender, sweet and nutritious. The market price of this fish is more expensive than that of herring, but the number of fish in the market is much higher than that of the fish. These kinds of freshwater fish are more delicious fish. The best thing to eat is the third one. I don't know which one you have eaten? Count some delicious freshwater fish, the third is the best, but few people have eaten, you have eaten several

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