To talk about eating fish, the most common people are now pickled fish


To talk about eating fish, the most common people are now pickled fish, boiled fish, all kinds of braised fish, the most eaten grass carp, followed by squid and squid, etc. Many people are picky about eating fish, especially It is important to note that eating fish is best done by steaming. Many of the nutrients in the fish are not lost.

First, eating more fish can protect the heart and reduce the incidence of heart disease

There are a wide variety of fish species, which can be broadly divided into Tilapia production line  freshwater fish and saltwater fish. Fish is classified into the category of “white meat”. The biggest feature is rich protein content, low fat content, and fatty acids that can lower sugar, protect the heart and prevent cancer. The Eskimos and the Japanese are the world's most famous fish-loving people. According to disease surveillance, they have a lower proportion of cardiovascular diseases.

Studies have shown that omega-3 fatty acids in fish can increase the amount of high-density lipoprotein (HDL) that helps fat breakdown in the body, reducing the amount of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) that makes people fat. Too low levels of omega-3 fatty acids in human blood will increase the risk of heart disease; if it is less than 4% of all fatty acids in the human body, the risk of heart disease death is highest. The fatty acid content in fish oil is higher than other foods, so eating a lot of fish can protect the heart.

Second, steamed fish should not be less wine and oil, do not need to add MSG

The deliciousness of the fish itself is the deliciousness of the fish. Therefore, when cooking, white wine or cooking wine, sesame oil or other oils and ginger onions are essential. These seasonings will not cover the taste of the fish itself, but also Make the fish taste fresher. However, since the fish itself has a delicious taste, it is not necessary to add MSG, chicken essence, etc., but may cause the fish to have a bad taste. At the same time, it should be noted that the beauty of steamed fish is light and delicious, so salt should not be added too much.

In addition, many people like to dump the raw juice of steamed fish when they steam the fish, and replace it with the taste of the flavored juice, but in fact, the original juice retains the original taste of the fish, and the steamed fish will be more delicious. .

Third, it is best to mix carbohydrates when eating fish

Legend has it that no fish can be eaten on an empty stomach. This is because eating fish on an empty stomach, a part of the protein will be directly converted into energy, and the process of protein metabolism into energy will produce a large amount of nitrogenous waste, which will increase the detoxification burden of the liver and kidney. Therefore, the practice of eating only fish without eating does not only waste high-quality protein, but also increases the pressure on the body to detoxify. Not only that, eating fish on an empty stomach may increase the risk of gout. The acidity of stomach acid is higher on an empty stomach, and without the help of carbohydrates, the decomposition of fish protein is incomplete, which will cause an increase in uric acid. Most fish are rich in cockroaches. If they are ingested on an empty stomach but do not have enough carbohydrates to break down, it may induce gout or aggravate the condition of patients with gout. If you add beer at this time, it will be even worse.