In recent years, a food culture called “light food”


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In recent years, a food culture called “light food” has gradually become popular. In the United States, salad has become a representative of light food culture; in France, a French baguette with sauce, simple collocation has become a paradigm of light food; in China, "light foodism" has gradually become a new white-collar worker in the city and young people advocated “Food is still”, and there are more and more restaurants that focus on “light food”. What is "light foodism"? Song Xin, a nutritionist at the Beijing Chaoyang Hospital affiliated to Canned tuna production line Capital Medical University, explained that light foodism emphasizes simplicity, moderation, health and balance. Originally popular in Europe, it refers to small, easy-to-eat foods. Later it evolved into a nutritious food with low fat, low calorie, less sugar, less salt and rich in dietary fiber. "Light food" is characterized by balanced nutrition and no burden. It replaces big fish with simple ingredients, so that people no Sardine canning production line longer excessively pursue the "color, fragrance, taste" and appetite of food. Regarding light food, the following points need to be reminded. Light food is not equal to vegetarian food. Lettuce, bitter, broccoli, carrots, bell peppers, purple onions, and tomatoes are all common vegan foods in the light food menu, but vegetarians reject fat, while light foods are only relatively less calories and still contain meat. Nutritional intake is more balanced than vegetarian diet. In terms of staple foods, light foods may not be some fine white rice noodles, but more use of sweet potatoes such as sweet potatoes, purple potatoes, yam, and buckwheat to meet the dietary fiber demand of the human body. Light food is not a diet. Dieting is to lose weight, although light food persists for a long time, it can also achieve a certain slimming effect, but it does not blindly limit calories. Under the premise of ensuring normal dietary structure and a certain amount of calories, light food should try to choose foods that are full of satiety and avoid many pains and adverse reactions caused by dieting. Light food can not be less protein. Protein is a very important component of the various nutrients that the body consumes every day. In the choice of the type of ingredients, light food emphasizes "small amount, balance", and meat and egg milk can not be less. The protein content of meat is high, and the cooking method is mainly steamed and stewed, which can reduce energy intake. Common meat proteins are chicken breast, tuna, eggs, bacon, salmon, shrimp, etc., all of which are ingredients that increase energy, satiety and satisfaction. Adding nuts (walnuts, almonds, pistachios, etc.) and a cup of yogurt is an excellent choice. The ultimate goal of a light foodist is to be healthy rather than lose weight, so step by step. Because Chinese people prefer warm food, light food is light and cool, people with bad stomach and diarrhea and bloating, it is best not to eat cold salads such as salads and sandwiches. In addition, some people think that light food is simple and low in calories. In fact, most salad dressings add a lot of cooking oil, and the calories are not low. Can not eat more, eat seven or eight minutes per meal, use less seasoning sauce. It is worth noting that since light foods are mostly made from fresh ingredients, they must be eaten in time to avoid bacterial growth.