I've looked over the answers and while there



I've looked over the answers and while there are many good suggestions, most being inexpensive, they almost all involve some time in prep and may or not be truly nutritious enough that you could survive on long term if need be. So I'm going to answer the literal question “cheapest and fastest meal” that was posed as best as possible. And by the way, I'm a classically trained and accomplished chef and have extensive experience in both human nutrition and food science. The easy answer lies in canned foods. They are, all fully cooked and ready to eat as soon as the can is opened. They can all be eaten without any further cooking, although a littleTilapia Production Line Manufacturers  heat or chilling (depending) may certainly help make things more desirable. My least expensive suggestions would include things like canned chili (which is nutritionally complete), canned legumes or beans (cheaper, and also nutritionally complete if you pick the right ones), canned soups, and canned fish like tuna, salmon, mackerel, sardines (all high quality proteins). After working all day cooking and often not having had time to eat, sometimes when I get home, I'll open a can of something and eat it right from the can or maybe put it in a bowl and microwave it. Canned tuna with a dollop of mayo is about as simple as it gets. Canned goods last a very long time, well beyond the use by dates on the can. High acid products like tomatoes can slowly eat away at the lining of a defective can, although new technologies in metal coatings have virtually eliminated this issue. As long as the can is completely in tact, no dents, no distortions, no rust, no appearancefish machinery Suppliers of leaky seams, the contents should be perfectly edible. Any survivalist will always have a supply of canned goods on hand. Additionally, the canning industry has made great strides in the last decade incorporating other newer technologies including blast freezing, controlled atmosphere processing like extremely high pressure cooking or vacuum cooking. This is just the tip of the iceberg of advancements in preparation prior to the retort process. Today's canned goods are not what they used to be. This has opened up a whole new segment of very high quality specialty foods that are canned. Some companies are now producing very high end RTE (ready to eat) canned meals. And don't forget, our military, especially in WW2 survived for great time on RTE canned meals, usually eaten right out of the can while in a foxhole. If it was good enough for these brave men and women, it should be great as the “cheapest and fastest” meal for you.