You need to analyze the market, be cautious about site



You need to analyze the market, be cautious about site selection, persist in the principle of scientific design and strict construction quality control, and carry out high-efficiency fish farm management mode, etc. Only in this way can new-built fish farm lay the foundation of increasing both production and income, creating economic effectiveness and providing favorable ecological environment as well. Market Analysis in The Prior Period. You can better know the proportional relationship between market fish supply and demand, adopt right business strategy, meet market demand for fishes and enhance the economic benefits via detailed market analysis of local fish farming. Site Selection of Commercial Fish Farm. For fish farm building, site selection is extremely important, which should consider several main factors, including water source, water and soil property, traffic conditionChina Tilapia Production Line Suppliers and fish feed, etc. Specifically speaking, there are four aspects to grasp. Fish Farm Management Mode. With good fish farm administration mode, owners can make sure their staffs operate according to standards, avoid unnecessary loss and enhance the working efficiency, thus achieving the biggest profits. Generally speaking, fish farm management mode can be subdivided into several aspects, including fingerling releasing management, fish feed management, feeding management, fish disease control, pharmaceutical administration, environmental sanitary administration, operating rules for the production technology, breeding log management, captureChina Canned Tuna Production Line Manufacturers and transportation management and so on. Importance & Necessity of Fish Feed. Fish feed has become the most important nutritional source of fish growth. In the whole cost of running commercial fish farm, fish feed can occupy a large part because of the high price, average up to 50%-60%, some even up to about 70%. Therefore, lowering fish feed cost is very significant for better economic benefits.