Are canned food items healthy?



I don't think canned foods are generally considered to be 'healthy'. If you read the nutrition information on the label, you'll find that the obvious vitamins like vitamins C and A are very low (often no more than 2% per serving). The reason for this is that canned veggies are cooked in the can at very high temperatures which effectively kills most of our vitamins. They do, however, provide calories, which the body needs as fuel. Also, to make canned vegetables more palatable, salt (often too much) and sugar is added to the mix. When you look at canned vegetables, youChina Canned Salmon Production Line Suppliers
can see they look limp and pale. They have become soggy by sitting in all that water. Frozen veggies are generally more tasty and better for us, as they are 'flash frozen' when the vegetable is at its peak, and therefore contains more nutrients. The colours are stronger, fresher looking. Still, fresh vegetables are always the best, of course. When you say 'canned beans' I take it you mean the 'pork and beans' or 'baked beans' variety? Or like chick peas or black beans? Rinsing these kinds of beans will eliminate more of the salts and sugars, but won't harm the nutrients. But, if you are indeed talking about baked beans, you will, of course, wash away all that tomato sauce which they (the makers of fine canned food products) have made so much more delicious by adding tons of salt and sugar. Dilemma. Sacrifice flavour for less salt? You decide. Green beans? Pinto beans? Rinse with water if you like, you'll only be eliminating the residual salt, as most nutrients of any real value are already gone(ish). Mind you, some bean and pea varieties do hold iron and fibre better than some other vegetables. Vitamins A and C disappear pretty quickly. If you are alone in a bunker with a bunch of canned food, sure, you'll survive, but you'll become vitamin deficient after a time. Better than starving. In short. Buy fresh. Frozen as the second best choice.