Do British people put vinegar on chips as well as fish or just on the fish?


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Now this is a serious issue folks. On a par with the cream and jam and scones issue or the egg thing - bash ’em or slice ’em and anyway which way up; pointy or bottomy? First of course is how the fish and chips arrive in your hand. Newsprint is not what it used to be and ‘elf and safetee don’t like it at all. So we will assume clean paper (probably unused newsprint funnily enough) or a dreadful and environmentally hopeless plastic tray. Now here’ s the thing - BEFORE the vinegar thing and the salt and pepper thing is the which goes in FIRST thing. Fish? Chips? It is critical. So if you have a pref you must tell the lady wot serves you. I like chips first and then fish. But this poses a problem. I want salt on my chips but Canned tuna production lineNOT on the fish. And I want vinegar on both (proper stuff too, not this unbrewed condiment rubbish). So I prefer it all on a plate where I am in control. But if not then I have to tell the lady chips first but let me salt them. Then hand it back for the fish to be added and thus apply vinegar to both, but MOSTLY the fish. That’s if its cod; if its haddock then I would go very light on the vinegar anyway. And none at all if it is a bit of plaice or skate. This of course is before we even get started on where the mushy peas should go - in with or separate? And the wally (gerkin if unsure) - that has vinegar on it from the pickling so needs careful thought. Finally of course how do you eat it? Outdoors (on the pier, sea breeze etc) and in the paper FINGERS every time. In a dreary tray then a WOODEN knifey-forky thing is OK. And on a plate? Well first off there is the mayonaise issue - on the chips or on the side? Me on the side because I would here eat mostly politely with a knife and fork but when no one is looking it’s fingers and a chip dipped in the mayonnaise.