The type and name of the fish


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Most people like fish very much. The protein of fish is twice as much as ordinary pork. It is a high-quality protein, rich in vitamins and calcium, and easily absorbed by the body. It is very helpful to people's physical strength and intelligence. The variety of fish is very rich. According to the survey, the distribution of freshwater fish in China has reached more than one thousand species, and there are about 2,000 species of marine fish. Next, Xiaobian brings you the variety and name of the fish. Let's enrich our knowledge together. 1, squid, adaptability is very strong, widely distributed in the east and west of China, regardless of the warm south, or the cold north, rivers and lakes are their active areas, like warm water, filter plankton and plants, is a filter Dietary fish is one of the economic fish species in our country and is also delicious on the public table. 2, herring, China's major water systems can see its figure, widely distributed, like to eat in the underwater layer, good for shellfish, insects, mollusks, also like to eat cereals. The warm and cold waters are more abundant in the vast plains and rivers south of the south of the Yangtze River. Many lakes are now being farmed in large numbers. 3, Ma Wei, folks are also called black fish, the distribution is relatively wide, like the bottom of the potential water, the ferocity of life, without losing the opportunity to attack the offender. Like carnivorous. Fujian, Yunnan, Jiangxi, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Taiwan, Southeast Asia and other places belong to its habitat. It has more than a dozen varieties of similar species. It is very exciting to fight this fish. 4. Tilapia is the African squid we often say. It is a foreign species with strong fertility and adaptability. It is distributed in all major waters in the south. It has warm water and its shadow in the whole water layer. It is a omnivorous fish and can be caught in the river and pond. 5, squid, living in the waters of central and southern China. I like to live in the middle and lower layers of the water. When I am eating, I will be active in the middle and upper layers of the water. I like warm water. It is a carnivorous fish, its temperament is extremely fierce, and it is known as the first evil of a hundred fish. 6, squid, distributed in most of China's Central China, South China, East China, in the lower activities of the water, like warm cold water, carnivorous fish, like to eat rot, ferocious, are distributed in East China and South China countries. 7, squid, there are also places called it squid, distributed in various waters of China, like warmth, love to prey on the flowing water body to survive, rivers or large lakes are its habitat, eating more heterogeneous, Not to be rejected. Summary: The above is a brief introduction to the variety and name of the fish. Of course, the types of fish are quite abundant, and it is not convenient to describe them here. Everyone can eat more fish in peacetime. It is rich in nutrients and delicious. It does improve the physical strength and intelligence of the human body. No wonder everyone often said that eating fish will become smarter! You can also search for "" forum applet in WeChat, thousands of decoration experts, designing people to interact online, decorating intractable diseases, decorating quotation questions, and building renovation problems can find answers here. See how others decorate it!China Tilapia Production Line Suppliers