Process flow of canned yellow peach

Process flow of canned yellow peach

Process flow of canned yellow peach Details





Process flow of canned yellow peach



Automatic peach to the nuclear machine

Working principle:yellow peach from the grading machine came out to the input hopper, inside the hopper, they can be automatically loaded into the transport device on the inside of the cup, with the transmission device through the school area, These peaches are rotated by the school wheel, and the school wheel is protruding from a hole in the bottom of the cup, and the peach is stopped as the peach is found by the wheel. From the peach found in the area, these fruits through three to find the seam area, in its position peach seam can be aligned detached knife. In the separation zone, the bottom and top of the peach are cut at the same time, and the peach is separated from the peach, and all transfers, adjustments and nuclei are completed with heavy mechanical cams which are specially designed to calibrate all operations.




Technical parameters:1. Production capacity: about 2.5-3 tons / hour. 2. Number of approved workers: 8. Suitable peach diameter: 50-55, 55-60, 60-62. Material: stainless steel, aluminum, copper, etc. The engine power: 3KW. Water consumption: 20L/min. Dimensions: 6000 x 1500 x 1800mm (length x width x height).



Neutralizing hoist

The total length of 3500, water tank length 2600, height 750mm, height to upgrade with the pre-cooking machine, using stainless steel mesh belt with scraper conveyor, net belt with a pitch of 31.75, mesh center 900, scraper height 65, water tank with 2mm stainless steel plate, the bottom of the belt has a bubble device, in addition to reducer and fan, the rest are made of SUS304 material. Fan power 1.5KW, motor power 0.75KW.


Cleaning hoist

This machine is suitable for a variety of fruits, vegetables, cleaning. Transmission uses the network chain.

Technical parameters: Cleaning time: 1.5-7.5 (adjustable). Dimensions: 6500×2000×1750mm(length ×width×height)。 


Dicing machine

Today's most advanced dicing machine, it does not need to refuel, food production is health security, no noise, no need maintenance, long service life, can be cut 3 d: 5,10.15, 20 mm specifications, can also be cut, slice, including lemon slice, the whole machine is in addition to the motor, are all stainless steel materials。





Empty tank unloading and cleaning machine



The machine is mainly tanker machine,conveyor platform,cans washer,operation and the department of electric control system, etc., for a variety of sizes tinplate cans with the cleaning. It has the characteristics of high productivity, low labor level, reliable operation, low damage rate of empty cans, cleanliness, safety and hygiene and automatic continuous, etc.

Main technical parameters: Production capacity: small can 250-500 cans/min, big cans 205-500 cans/min; cans temperature: 70-95 degrees; tank height: 800 mm; total power: 1.65kw; size: 10555 (maximum) ×2040×3285mm。





A. Production capacity: 5 tons / hour

B. The box board δ2.5, column with a square tube 40×80×2,both ends of the steam with a steam outlet, the lid δ1.2, in addition to the rest of the other are used SUS304 material production. There are two sewage at the bottom, the bottom of both sides of the dump outfall to the sewage. Leave the cleaning distance on both sides. Using three sides of the insulation, the lid is not insulation.

C. Conveyor with 2.5-inch large roller stainless steel high fence net chain conveyor, network cable spacing of 63.5mm, the center of the chain from 1400, both sides of the shield 180mm high, thick 3mm.

D. Mesh with a high 180mm blade, plate thickness of 2mm folded.

E. Pre-cooking section set pressure hole plate, the top set cover.

F. Pre-cooking time 5-20 minutes adjustable. Motor power: 2.2kw.

G. Pre-cook temperature is automatically controlled, with the use of coil heating.

H. Dimensions:11000×1800×1200(length×width×height)


Brush flap machine


A. The machine is mainly used for the flap of the yellow (white) peach after the flap, using the brush rolling flap, so that the raw material will not be damaged. In the middle, there are 32 rolling brush to feed forward the raw material, including 3 big brush roll turned fruit, big brush up and down adjustable, the following has access to the bucket, the machine using the tilt, from high to low will not block material.

B. Side plate apply with 3mm304 plate folding into a groove steel, rack with 60×40×2square tube welded together, in addition to reducer, brush roller, transmission chain, the rest are made of 304 materials, imports 1750 with hoist, export high 1350 with shower machine.

C. Fruit turn rate: 95-98%

D. Machine power: 1.1kw adjustable



Spray shower machine


A. Production capacity: 5 tons / hour

B. Manufactured with (SUS304) stainless steel, group welded box structure, in which the rack foot is 40×80×2square tube. Box thickness of δ2.5, weld pickling treatment, the outer surface of the box polishing. Leaf broom spacing on both sides.

C. Net belt conveyor, mesh belt spacing of 38.1 mm large roller chain, the material is stainless steel, mesh with a center distance of 1500 mm, imported height and turn the machine with; conveyor line speed of 5-20 m / min Tune.

D. 1 meter at the imported side with artificial fruit section.

E. Alkaline for the waterfall structure, do not damage the surface of raw materials, a total of 8 alkali boxes for 16 times alkali leaching .

F. Alkaline tank temperature through the solenoid valve automatic control, coil heating, alkaline water from the two circulating water tank for recycling.

G. Steam consumption: 500-600kg / h

H. Water consumption: about 2-2.5 tons / hour

I. Machine capacity: 9.5kw, transmission for the frequency control.

J. Effective length of 10 meters. Dimensions:11000×1800×1350(L×W×H)

E. Production capacity: 5 tons / hour

F. Dimensions: 2000×1500×1850mm(length ×width×height).


Peeled machine


A. Production capacity: 5 tons / hour

B. Roller-type rotation peeled, the drum diameter φ1000 mm, length 3000 mm. Roller are φ16 holes, in addition to reducer, transmission sprocket, the rest are SUS304 material production.

C. Drum speed: 6.3 ~ 31.5 r / min

D. Machine capacity: 1.1KW

E. Roller size: 3000 × φ1000mm



Peach grading machine:


The machine is mainly used for peaches, apples and other round fruit classification, can be divided into 3-6 levels(to be set by the user). The conveyor is rotated by a high or low track.

Production capacity: 8-10 tons / hour. Dimensions:6800×2000×2190mm(length×width×height)。



Sugar pot




Volume 800L, made of 304 stainless steel, three Mino-type structure, liner δ3 stainless steel, the middle Mino thickness δ2, the outer insulation layer is δ1.2 stainless steel. The use of cycloid reducer to promote the blade mixer, can make the material evenly, with level gauge, feeding mouth, cleaning mouth, exhaust port, outlet (¢ 51), sewage outfall.



Sterilization machine

A. The total length of this machine is 24000mm. The length of the sterilization section is 11000mm, the length of the precooling section is 1500mm and the cooling section is 11500mm. Adopt the high-temperature plastic net chain drive, the net chain pitch is 57.15mm, each length 304mm, a total of 7.5 net chain width 2280mm. The frame is 40 x 80 x 2 rectangular tube with 40 x 60 x 2 rectangular tube, and the water tank is folded with 3mm plate. The sterilization box is insulated with three sides, and the top box cover is not insulated. Besides the reducer, the worm wheel box, the conveyor chain, the sprocket, and the rest of the transmission shaft are made of SUS304.

B. The steam temperature is controlled by pneumatic control valve, automatic and manual two, heating through plate heat exchanger, temperature control at ± 1 degree, any set record.

C. Sterilization temperature: 85 ~ 95 degrees.