Orange canned processing technology

Orange canned processing technology

Orange canned processing technology Details








Clean and heat orange machine


The main technical parameters

1、 Production capacity: 5 tons / hour or 8 tons / hour

2、 Heating orange time: 13 ~ 65 seconds (adjustable)

3、 Heating orange temperature: 80 ~ 95 ℃

4、 Inlet and outlet height: 750 / 350mm



Automatic orange peeling machine

This machine is one of the main equipment of the citrus canning line, which is mainly applied to the removal of the outer skin of fresh fruit oranges (tangerine or red orange). The machine is mainly composed of scribing device, stripping parts, water spray system, conveying system and electric control system. All stainless steel production, the use of special scissors knife, silicone rubber roller on the roll peeling. It has the advantages of high rate of peeling, less broken orange meat, safety and health, saving labor, high efficiency, small footprint, easy to manage and so on.

The main technical parameters:
1、 Production capacity: 2 ~ 2.5 tons / hour
2、 Disposable peel rate:≥80%
3、 Orange bruise rate: ≤10%



Screen selection of orange production line

The orange petrol separator is one of the main equipment on the canned production line. Mainly applicable to citrus cans before the orange petals of the classification and treatment, but also for other grading of fruit canned before the classification and processing. The machine is mainly composed of mesh belt hoist, orange petal grading machine, mesh belt conveyor, horizontal conveyor belt and electric control system. Its main role is to complete the size of the orange petals, residual capsule, orange and orange core removal, orange separation, orange sorting, rinsing and foreign body removal and so on. The machine is made of stainless steel, roll-to-roll grade, stainless steel mesh belt, stainless steel arc bottom channel and mesh belt conveyor. Not only the size of the fruit grading accurate, less damage, orange network to remove clean, orange separation effect is good, easy to sort, but also has a continuous production stream trough, automation, high production efficiency, low labor intensity, easy cleaning, safety and health, Water and other characteristics, is the canned orange production line one of the ideal equipment.23.jpg