Mackerel canned process

Mackerel canned process

Mackerel canned process Details







Remove ice pool cleaning machine

Equipment size:8200×830×1400mm,feed height 600mm, the material height of 1400mm, box thickness of 2.0mm, the legs of the square tube 60×40×2mm,adjustable feet, the machine uses stainless steel Production, both sides of the chain, mesh with effective width: 700mm, speed using stepless speed.





Remove visceral conveyor belts

A.Made of 304 stainless steel material, conveying with thickness of 4mm flat belt conveyor, the middle conveyor belt longer than the workstations: 600mm, each interval 850mm, total length of 12 meters.

B. The upper part transports the finished fish after removing head and tail, with width of 400mm, transported to the next process.

C. The middle layer has two rotary conveyor belt, each belt width of 300mm, waste belt length: 15.2 meters, with the belt length: 16.6 meters.

D. The middle of both sides have two conveyor belt to convey head and tail. Width: 150mm, conveyor belt with stainless steel sink waterproof guardrail. Width: 180mm, high: 180mm.

E. Platform height 800mm from the ground, the middle of the two rotary conveyor belt 30mm higher than the platform, the distance between rotary conveyor belt and the bottom of upper conveyor belt is 200mm.





Brine clear bubble hoist




A. Defoaming time is 15 ~ 20 minutes

B. Salt tank has five spray pipe brine cycle

C. Water can not be mixed with salt water, water spray with a bucket after discharge

D. Two magnetic rods between the upper and lower layers

E. The machine and salt water contact with the whole SUS316L material production

Equipment size: 9400×1100×1800mm

G. The machine feed height is 600mm, the material discharge height is 1400mm.

H. The cabinet body thickness 2.0mm, legs square tube 60 × 40 × 2mm, adjustable feet.

I. The machine adopts stainless steel braid, both sides of the chain, pitch: 38.1mm middle every 254mm channeling axis to strengthen, mesh distance: 15mm, wire diameter: Ф2mm, net with effective width: 970mm, Speed governor speed, net belt line speed: 350 ~ 1400mm / min, the beginning of the lifting area to do a high barrier, to prevent the fish out more out of the box.

J. The machine uses stepless speed regulation, power 1.5KW.

K. In addition to motor, rubber, nylon pad, electrical, etc., the other material are 304 stainless steel.

L. Import and export at the end of the hole at the end of a hand hole, can clean the box debris.


Exhaust tank




The actual size of equipment: 10000×1400×800mm (centerline distance from the network chain, the flat height of the network chain), with 25.4 large ball chain conveyor, each Ф6 mm channeling wire Ф1.5 mm, pitch: 10 mm conveyor belt plane To be flat, the belt from the box to run, the conveyor belt in the box to run up and down for 25 minutes up and down adjustable, the import and export Department of two exhaust steam, steam heating automatically, the steam discharge holes are arranged in the middle of the box with the middle. The bottom of the box with a 2-inch outlet can be connected to the PVC pipe, the cover can be activities, a water seal, mesh with the following round nylon reinforced slide, bracket with 60×40square tube production, motor power: 0.55KW , except motor, bearing, chain plate other than stainless steel.

M. Brine filter device, two filters, the bottom of the box to stay 200mm height as a precipitate.


Screw hoist




Iength 3000mmm, spiral film thickness 3mm, imported outside the withdrawal hopper, the exit side of the mouth, feet with 50×50square tube production, motor power: 1.5KW.


Single drain machine




Equipment size: 4000×1100×870mm、divided into two levels)

The entrance with a single row of conveyor belt, screw sub-tank, with the turntable into the drain transport, the tail with the top tooth out, the turntable sent out of the bottom of the water tank, sub-two, for the tank 7113, bracket with 60×40 square tube Production, motor power: 0.75kw each level, bearing stainless steel, in addition to motor, chain plate other than stainless steel. Import height of 800mm, the export height of 870mm.



Soup machine 




Equipment size: 4000×1200×850mm

    Conveyor belt with polyurethane garden belt, in order to enhance the tensile strength with the use of stainless steel wire, feeding at the bottom of the conveyor belt, fence guarding casing, the size of a cylinder, single layer is not warm, liquid level automatic control device, tomato sauce back to the pump with a large feed to the material can be discharged on the line, feet with 60×40 square tube production, motor power: 0.55kw, in addition to motor bearings are stainless steel.


Real tank cleaning machine




Equipment size:24300×450×850mm

304 stainless steel material manufacturing, transportation with plastic mesh chain, width of 320 pitch 38.1mm conveyor belt width 450mm, side plate thickness 2mm, movement line speed 10-15 m / min, except motor, bearing, chain plate other than For the production of stainless steel, production capacity: 130 cans / minute, the chain to enhance the delivery, with a soft brush sticks transfer rotation, cleaning sub-hot water and high pressure cleaning and cleaning water, the nozzle for the hot water 90, water 16, There are round steel track, the upper part of the sealed cover, the lower part of the heating cycle with a filtration system, circulating pump for high-pressure sanitary pumps.


Canned weighing conveyor line




304 stainless steel material manufacturing, transportation using plastic flat chain, the rack is mainly made by the 50×30×3industrial pipe welded together, conveyor belt on both sides with 420mm table plate, table plate thickness of δ2mm, conveyor belt in the upper set There are two points: 1, width of 152.4 pitch of 38.1mm, 2, width of 254 pitch of 38.1mm: conveyor belt length 14000mm, table height of 800mm, outside the width of 1440mm (an empty tank transport and a real tank transport direction On the contrary) conveying speed stepless adjustable, the movement line speed 1.5 ~ 7.5 m / min. Work platform on the plane and the upper conveyor chain between the plane is 200mm, conveyor chain side plate height of 140mm.